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Transportation Planning & Traffic Engineering

Designing for our Communities, Planning for our Future.

Effective traffic engineering and transportation planning are vital to the growth and prosperity of every community. BOE takes a sustainable, innovative approach to improve the movement of people through complex transportation systems and provides solutions that serve communities now and into the future.

Areas of practice

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Transportation Planning helps shape how a community grows by evaluating everything from streets and highways to public transit and bike lanes. BOE studies the current state of transportation for your development, designs for future needs, and combines it with the elements of budgets, goals, and policies. BOE can assist at all project levels, from visioning, research, and analysis to design, project management, and implementation.

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Traffic and access are major considerations for any new development project. A critical key to success in today's urban environments is the ability to mitigate traffic impacts and ensure sufficient access for the traveling public. Through a Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA), BOE can analyze and determine the impact that your project could have on local traffic and make recommendations to offset that impact.

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The safety and control of public traffic, bikes, pedestrians, and workers through a work zone are an integral part of each construction project. BOE's Traffic Control Plans provide a safe and efficient movement of road users through work zones while protecting public traffic, pedestrians, and on-site workers while providing for efficient construction and maintenance of a project. 




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“BOE’s early and continued involvement with Austin FC and Q2 Stadium led to a remarkably successful launch.  The team’s attention to detail, professional connections, and responsiveness provided the necessary backdrop to enable us to concentrate on the all the details surrounding fan experience and opening a stadium.”

Jordan Enke

Senior Vice President,

Stadium Operations at Austin FC



Keeping our community moving safely

As our communities face growth challenges, environmental responsibility, and smart mobility, BOE brings valuable solutions to state and local government agencies and private clients. BOE provides traffic engineering, transportation planning, and development consulting that ensures your new development project positively impacts the surrounding communities. Our team's expertise in traffic, transportation, and land use allow us to provide innovative solutions and a comprehensive approach that addresses all current and future modes of transportation. As our world continues to evolve, we strive to provide sustainable solutions to improve the safety and reliability of our community's modes of transportation and address environmental concerns. BOE commits to serving our communities to get you to where you are going safely, efficiently, and reliably, whether by car, bike, bus, or walking.

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